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  • Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK 64GB U-DIMM System Memory DDR5, 6000MHz, 2 x 32GB
Maximize your system's potential with the Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK, a powerhouse U-DIMM DDR5 system memory kit. Boasting an impressive 64GB capacity in a 2 x 32GB configuration, this memory kit operates at a blazing 6000MHz, delivering unparalleled performance for enthusiasts, content creators, and professionals.

Cutting-Edge DDR5 Technology
Embark on a new era of memory performance with DDR5 technology. The Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK harnesses the power of DDR5, offering faster data transfer rates and increased bandwidth to elevate your system's responsiveness.

Dual 32GB Modules
With a dual-module configuration, this memory kit provides an expansive 64GB capacity, ideal for users who demand exceptional multitasking capabilities. Whether you're engaging in resource-intensive tasks or immersive gaming experiences, the AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK ensures you have the memory headroom you need.

Impressive 6000MHz Speed
Operating at an impressive 6000MHz, this memory kit delivers high-speed performance, minimizing latency and enhancing overall system responsiveness. Enjoy lightning-fast data access and seamless multitasking, pushing the boundaries of computing efficiency.

Sleek Design with Effective Cooling
Designed with a sleek black heat spreader, the AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK not only adds a touch of style to your system but also ensures effective heat dissipation. Keep your system cool during prolonged usage, maintaining stability and reliable performance even under intense workloads.

Seamless Integration
Experience a hassle-free upgrade with the U-DIMM form factor. The Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK is designed for seamless integration, making the installation process smooth and straightforward.

Future-Proof Your System
Prepare your system for the future with DDR5 memory. The Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK ensures your system is ready to tackle upcoming software and applications, providing a future-proof solution for your memory needs.

Elevate your system to new heights with the Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK, and experience the pinnacle of DDR5 technology.


Memory Type




CAS Latencies

Operating Voltage

Operating Temperature
0°C to 85°C

Dimensions (L x W x H)
133.35 x 40 x 8mm

Limited lifetime warranty

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Adata XPG Lancer AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK 64GB U-DIMM System Memory DDR5, 6000MHz, 2 x 32GB

  • Brand: ADATA
  • Product Code: SDADA-6000C3032G
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AX5U6000C3032G-DCLABK

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